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Rules of Play

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Rules of Play


1. Premier League Teams play 6 frames and can play 3,4 or 5 players in any order but 1 player cannot play more than 2 frames. Teams in Division 2 & 3 play 4 frames and can play 3 or 4 players. If 1 or both teams have only 3 players available the 4th frame must be drawn out before the match starts from the 3 remaining players. The use of 3 players in Division’s 2 & 3 has been reduced to 6 matches per season.

2. Players’ names will be entered on the match card in the order to be played. If only two of the selected players are present at the time of writing the card, then these must be entered as Nos. 1 and 2 on the card, likewise if only three players are present they must be entered as 1, 2 and 3.

A captain cannot put a players name down to play no. 1 and then say he is not there yet.

Team will exchange cards. The first named players will oppose each other, as will 2, 3 and 4 in that order, but Rule 4 (rules of play) applies.

3. In the event of a player not being present when he is due to play, the next pair of players will continue the match, until the frame, if the missing player is still absent for the final frame, then the reserve will take his place. This reserve must be registered for the same team, if no reserve is present the frame is forfeit.

4. Team captains have the right to play a reserve if any member of the team is unable to play due to unforeseen circumstances. This reserve must be registered for the same team.

5. Conceding

In all matches controlled by a referee, should a player make any move to unscrew his cue or in any other way give any indication that he has conceded whilst his opponent has balls to pot in order to secure the frame, then the referee shall be right to consider that the player has conceded. (This does not effect a player that decides to change his cue during a match).

6. The miss rule will not be used in any matches. At no time will a cue-ball be replaced after a miss This does not affect the referee’s right to award a frame for bad sportsmanship. Should a player when snookered, deliberately make no attempt to hit the ball on, but just play the cue-ball to a safe position, knowing that the cue-ball cannot be put back, and also knowing that if he is asked to play a game, he can do so and still gain an advantage then the referee should award the frame.

Warning: The referee should be careful not to penalize for a genuine miscue.

7. Results

One point will be scored for each frame won to determine league positions, in the event of two or more teams scoring the same points, league positions will be determined by the greater number of WINS and if necessary DRAWS. Should teams still be level at this stage then positions will be determined in a playoff involving FIVE PLAYERS on a date and at a venue fixed by the Hon Secretary. Scores need not be entered on match cards.

In all matches each captain is responsible for sending in the result.

8. Match Nights

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays are the only options for snooker league match home nights. Thursdays are reserved for Billiard League match nights.

All league matches must be played on the night scheduled in the fixture handbook.

Team captains unable to comply with this, must contact the league secretary giving his reasons.

Inability to field a complete team does not in itself constitute a valid reason for postponement. If the reason for cancellation is accepted by the league Secretary, the non-offending team shall offer a choice of three dates, (all must be within 21 days of the scheduled date). A team then defaulting on the offer shall be deemed to have conceded the match. Should the non-offending team be unable to find three dates, then the offending team must accept any date given that is not a league match night.

9. All league matches must commence at 7.30 for the Premier League & 8pm for Divisions 2 & 3 unless an earlier time is stated in the handbook, or has been specified by the league Secretary, or has been agreed by both teams. Any team failing to have a player at the table by 15 minutes after start time, are liable to concede a frame unless an acceptable reason has been given. Any team not represented or made contact, giving reason, after 30 minutes, shall be deemed to have defaulted, and the match may be claimed.

Although penalties and times must be written into the rules, sportsmanship also should take consideration when teams have travel difficulties. Discretion must be used in problems of travel especially during bad weather.

10. Defaults and disputes

The league Secretary must be informed immediately of circumstances which prevent a match taking place, or any dispute regarding a match. This may be referred to the Committee.

11. Promotion and relegation

Automatic promotion and relegation will be carried out at the end of each season. Two teams will be promoted each year, and the two bottom teams will be relegated each year. In the event of teams withdrawing from the league, upgrading will take place at the discretion on the league Secretary.

12. Contingencies

Any contingency arising which is not covered by these rules will be dealt with by the committee.

Any matter upon which they cannot agree shall be referred to the General Council.

13. Billiard league

Application to enter teams in the Billiard league must be made to the league Secretary by 19th August (or at a date directed by the Hon Secretary) accompanied by any fee fixed by the committee. Players’ registration fee for snooker league also covers Billiards.

All teams and clubs in the Guildford and District Billiard League have agreed to play with the same manufacture and type of billiard ball. This is to be sure that all matches are played using the same balls, as the balls are more important in billiards than snooker. These balls should be used for all billiard matches if they are available.

If a team or player is visiting a club for a billiard match, and they believe that the club does not have billiard balls as approved by the league, then if they take their own balls to the match, they should be used.

Any player registered from a club for snooker may also play billiards for that or any other club that he is a member thereof, but he may only play for one club in a season. All billiard matches are to be played on Thursdays and will start at 7:30pm unless mutually agreed otherwise by both teams or players. Teams will consist of three players 150 points up. One point will be scored for every 50 points scored. Other relevant details of snooker league will apply.

As agreed by all teams participating in the billiard league, any team wishing to use the ‘shot clock’ for a match then it is to be used, this applies home or away. If both teams agree not to use it then its not used.