slot game online Malaysia Roll Of Honour – Over 50’s – 1970/71 to 1989/90 | Guildford and District Snooker League

Over 50's Winners - 1970/71 to 1989/90

Date Winner Club Score R/UP Club Score
1970/71 F Griffin Stoughton   J Stratford Stoughton & West  
1971/72 G Digby Guildford RBL   J Fisk Stoughton  
1972/73 J Fisk Stoughton   R Goodchild Wonersh  
1973/74 J Stratford Stoughton & West   F Griffin Stoughton  
1974/75 J Stanford Ewhurst   H Cranshaw Woodbridge Hill  
1975/76 J Stratford Stoughton & West   F Griffin Stoughton  
1976/77 J Stratford Stoughton & West   A Tyrell West Clandon  
1977/78 J Stratford Stoughton & West   R Goodchild Wonersh  
1978/79 A Tyrell West Clandon   L French Godalming Cons  
1979/80 A Tyrell West Clandon   C Curtis Knaphill  
1980/81 R Workman Guildford Post   A.H.Binmore Corporation  
1981/82 J Allison Godalming Cons   A Tyrell Shere  
1982/83 D Wilson Corporation   R Workman Stoughton  
1983/84 J Womack Cranleigh RBL   R Goodchild Shalford Vill  
1984/85 D Wilson Corporation   R Shaw Merrow  
1985/86 J Ashdown Woodbridge Hill  

D Wilson


1986/87 J Miles Merrow   H Abdulah West Clandon  
1987/88 J Womack Cranleigh RBL   G Powell Ockford  
1988/89 G Newman Merrow   G Powell Ockford  
1989/90 G Newman Merrow   J Womack Cranleigh RBL